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About Us

Katzav Consulting is a 100% black owned and managed Performance Consulting business. Aimed at Middle and Executive Management, Katzav Consulting specialises in leadership development through coaching, mentoring and facilitation that is goal specific, practical and action oriented.

Focus Points


Empathy – the ability to accurately recognise and understand the emotions in other people even when you do not think or feel the same way.

Integrity – being true to your word.

Authenticity – to be in alignment with one’s self. A state of wholeness, completeness, appreciation, sincerity, passion and freedom.


Katzav Consulting seeks to ignite a passion for lifelong learning and effective leadership.  We deliver quality coaching and facilitation to develop empowered and contributing individuals who embrace transformation.  We are committed to creating a sustainable and enabling environment in which we recognise the equal value of all people.


Leadership and empowerment is our reward when we facilitate your success.

Business Profile

Katzav Consulting (Pty) Ltd was formed in response to the current market need for the mentoring and coaching of Executives and Team Leaders at all levels.

We focus on effective partnering with your Executives and Team Leaders to maximise their performance potential to ensure your success.